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Our Features Services

  • Financial Literacy & Training
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Development Support
Financial literacy & TrainingOne of Wealth Centric’s goals is to facilitate and increase the utilisation of financial products and services. We conduct financial literacy sessions in personal financial management, savings, retirement, debt, insurance, and record keeping. Research has shown that 62% of Uganda’s population has no access whatsoever to financial services and this can be attributed to limited financial awareness. WC, therefore, is very keen on being part of a group of stakeholders who will significantly increase the level of financial literacy in Uganda.

Wealth Centric is currently partnering with Bank of Uganda as certified providers of financial literacy training to organized groups of people. Our financial literacy sessions are tailor-made for workplaces, community groups, employees of financial institutions and cooperative societies among others. Our trainings help the providers and recipients of financial services to find a common ground in making financial decisions.

WC is also working closely with Uganda’s Capital Markets Authority to provide investor education to groups of people to encourage more Ugandans to invest on the Uganda Securities Exchange and utilise the services of local fund managers offering collective investment schemes.

Wealth ManagementFinancial advisory
At Wealth Centric, we also provide advice to individuals and organisations that would like to take advantage of the opportunity in investing in shares, bonds and collective investment schemes for medium term and long term capital growth. We work with the Uganda Securities Exchange, Capital Markets Authority of Uganda and a number of fund managers locally and internationally to place investments that match our client’s goals and risk profile.
Wealth Centric has been licenced by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda as an agent of Liberty Life Insurance trading in life insurance, health care and pension fund products for individuals and institutions.
Liberty Blue Health Care product is a comprehensive solution, giving clients access to medical services within Uganda, East Africa, Africa and Worldwide. To read more about our health care solutions, please follow the link www.libertyhealthblue.com
Our partner, Liberty Life is also a reliable provider of life insurance cover which ensures that companies are not interrupted by sudden predicaments like death, critical illness, permanent disability, temporary job loss. Please follow the link www.liberty.co.za
Business Development SupportUganda is one of the countries with the highest number of business start-ups and ironically ranks highest in the number of enterprises that do not live to see their 1st birthdays.

This is mainly because business owners do not understand the requirements of setting up and managing businesses. Most entrepreneurs in Uganda do not invest in business planning; they just take off and shut down prematurely.

Wealth Centric provides answers to the vital questions on business registration, capital acquisition and use, product development and design, marketing, human resource, taxation, ownership and succession planning.

Beyond the initial start arrangements, we provide continuous support to the entrepreneurs to ensure that their story is one of success. Our clients are sole proprietors, Small and Medium Enterprises, Village Saving Groups, SACCOs and Cooperatives.

Our Vision

To be the most dependable financial consultancy firm in East Africa.

Our Market Approach

WC works with different client categories, in need of financial products/opportunities.
Our targeted client segment includes

  • Individuals
  • Small & Medium Enterprises,
  • Groups & Associations.
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Government Institutions.
WC utilises a client focused approach to provide unique financial solutions that best fit our clients need. We enable individuals and businesses tap their hidden potentials for financial security by helping them see the opportunities that are best suited for them while guiding on risk mitigation from the challenges that come with them. WC also employs a social business approach to product design to reach out to the most excluded in society.

WC partners with both local and international financial institutions to enable the provision of a broad range of services that utilise different financial engineering modules. Our clients have the advantage of using local and international products and services increasing their opportunity for diversification and the best returns possible.

Cohesiveness is when all the various products, services, investments and legal strategies work together as best as possible. Optimal wealth management results are often accomplished when there’s an overarching understanding of what’s going on and integration between all the elements.

Our Clients Feedback

Wealth Centric Limited turned out to be just what i was looking for. I needed someone who would help me find the right investment, but also help me with the right financing structure. Everyone i dealt with was friendly and customer focused, the staff know what they are doing. I have already started recommending them to friends considering to invest their savings wisely and would recommend meeting with them  of anyone considering it.
Michael Ddumba- Technical Director - Exodus Logistics

Our Business Partners

Liberty Life Assurance

Our Values

WC’s operations are premised on the following core values

  • Integrity 

Our company policy is zero tolerance to unethical behaviour. We take responsibility for our actions knowing that our clients are the reason for which we exist.

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